Sunday, October 31, 2010


While surfing the interweb for new ideas and new discoveries in children's sewing I learnt about Refashioning.

One day I cut the legs off a pair of my horrible old jeans that were covered in paint as It was far too hot to wear them otherwise. I was almost going to throw out the scraps of denim when I realised there were large patches of denim without pain splatters on them and decided to see if I could get enough scraps to make Aimee a skirt.

Here is the result!

I made the band out of a super stretched t-shirt my partner would never wear and made the flower to cover a small patch of black pain splatter.

I'm quite pleased with the result and though it's not very fancy, I'm proud that I used stuff I already had to make it and I made it without a pattern!

I got the idea for making this skirt after seeing this tutorial Homemade by Jill's Guest post on Kokodesigns

Happy Sewing everyone!


  1. Love the name adelaide and love your skirt!!!
    Would you please add it to our flickr group???
    Thanks for the comment!

  2. Thanks!! Adelaide is a great name for a city. And a pretty name for a girl too I think ^_^

    I'll add the skirt to your group now ^_^\