Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Itty Bitty Dress

There is this fantastic mum who without knowing it helped me make my very first outfit for Aimee.

Her itty bitty Dress Pattern was the first I ever followed all by myself without anyone helping me and it could not have been simpler!

Here is my 3rd attempt at this dress, my first two were okay, but my fabric choices were poor and the first one was too small for Aimee and very hard to put on her.

In my third attempt I added snaps down one side so I could fit the dress over her head easier.

The fabric (I can't remember what it's called) is so cute I really think you could do anything with it and it would still look cute!

I highly recommend this pattern for beginners, it was straight forward and fun.

Free Itty Bitty Dress Pattern


  1. Cute!!! Thanks for sending the link :)
    So glad you enjoyed the pattern...and yes, I make mine with closures too so it's easier to get on/off. :)