Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dribble Bandana Bibs and Taggie Blankets

Busy day today!

I've been meaning to make Aimee a Taggie Blanket for AGES but I just couldn't find the right fabric. Then at spotlight the other day when I was looking for something else I found a bundle of fat quarters on sale. Different fabrics of similar colours that looked great together. Perfect!

I also picked up some terry (you'll see why in a second) and some fluffy blanketing type fabric and off I went home, inspired and ready to sew.

I used this tutorial to help me Taggie Blankets Tutorial by Chica and Jo It was a very easy project!

The Front:

The Back:

Aimee enjoying her new Blankie....Om nom nom!

You should see my carpet after cutting up that fluffy stuff!!

The next project was a Dribble Bandana.

I've seen these sell for $13-$15 or more on the internet, They're basically a bib that looks like a bandana that attaches with a snap. Very cute, and stylish.

Aimee isn't a heavy dribbler so I used terry for the back and plain cotton for the front. It worked out very well, and was super easy to make.

Will write a tutorial soon!

Having a cute child always helps of course...

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